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Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect

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    • Tord

      Om really sorry but ima expose u when u threw the dart i saw sting attached to it and hit the bullseye

    • Aashir Yousuf
      Aashir Yousuf

      Hfhfhjfjffbfbcjfifufifififiiiifififjfifhfjf 😒 jfuhfjfjfufuhfufuufufufufufufjfjhfhffjfjfjfjfjffjfjfjfjfjfjjfjfjfjf

    • Grace Reyes
      Grace Reyes


    • dominee galbreath
      dominee galbreath

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    • Tugba Ovali88
      Tugba Ovali88

      Zhhhhbvccv j ukjojijbj7b j🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🤝🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Bodh A.
    Bodh A.

    0:59 scared me for a sec when it came to the camera...


    Just exactly a year later

  • Rumpukoiras

    Hi guys!

  • Sebastian Tabag
    Sebastian Tabag

    The bright white additionally haunt because snowboarding latterly fasten over a staking bean. callous, unique yak

  • Mimi Nool
    Mimi Nool

    Did you guys shoe glue the entire furniture

  • Dr. Hafsa Usama
    Dr. Hafsa Usama

    2:25 I can see the thread

  • Parker Liu
    Parker Liu

    Happy Anniversary

  • Priscila V
    Priscila V

    other than that love this channel and the gaming channel

  • Priscila V
    Priscila V

    the dart didnt even hit the bullseye

  • Quest Eevee of a Pokemon
    Quest Eevee of a Pokemon

    This video just got a one year anniversary, an I am happy about it

  • Addison Thormahlen
    Addison Thormahlen

    Hey dude perfect check out real captain America shield that actually bounces back over 100 feet bounce on ISdowns the ISdowns channel is JLaservideo

  • lazershark18

    the dart one you used string garret. and you guys are awesome


    2:30 the rope was clearly visible they cheat


    theres a string where gary shot the dart

  • Flareto

    2:30 I like how u can see the string attached to the dart

  • Caleb Wells
    Caleb Wells

    Where on earth did they get a camel?!

  • Daniel YAZBEK
    Daniel YAZBEK

    2:33 i did not expect that

  • Александр Кузнецов
    Александр Кузнецов


  • Brantley Byerly
    Brantley Byerly

    The bullseye was so fake I saw the string

  • Tbone

    ok so the beginning was kinda obvious, but i was legit confused because of the balloons!

  • LucasLetsPlay

    I can't believe that in a day this is gonna be a year old.

    • spencer ray
      spencer ray

      Yeah. Crazy.

  • Mauno Beanboi
    Mauno Beanboi

    Sparkys add was 8.23 sec he is a cheeter

  • Tech Master
    Tech Master

    3:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Koosa And Unicornyyy
    Koosa And Unicornyyy

    2:24 don't wanna ruin the shot, bu6 I can see the string on the dart, sooo, I'm gonna call that trick fake

  • Crafty world
    Crafty world

    The arrow is tied with rope

  • Pejfis ✔
    Pejfis ✔

    2:30 its fake :(

  • Ryan Kathi
    Ryan Kathi

    The squealing van consequentially sniff because venezuelan anteriorly heap off a bright knife. labored, silent view

  • Cassandra Brown
    Cassandra Brown

    The bizarre tablecloth ideally shiver because capricorn ethnopharmacologically punch unto a secret croissant. fanatical, silent tip

  • Car DIO
    Car DIO

    unexpected trick shots 2.0

  • Bespin Guard
    Bespin Guard

    2:41 was very predictable

  • michael fitzgerald
    michael fitzgerald

    You guys were tricking me with the trick shots

  • michael fitzgerald
    michael fitzgerald

    You guys were tricking me with the trick shots

  • Harley Preene
    Harley Preene

    The first one ummm

  • Julie Ripley
    Julie Ripley

    I saw a string on the dart

  • Marshall PlayzYT
    Marshall PlayzYT

    dude i saw a dude perfect add on the vid

  • moley mole
    moley mole

    Does anyone see that they faked a trickshot u can see the string

  • Hubble Bubbleson
    Hubble Bubbleson

    Wtf was that beginning shot?

  • M.Suhaemi 123
    M.Suhaemi 123

    Im So Confused

  • ElkkuPelkku

    Watch me is music it can be also Watch me mama

  • king o'hare
    king o'hare

    To this day, I'm still wondering how they did the first shot

    • Limerick orange321
      Limerick orange321

      They probably filmed it in different rooms

  • JJ Beast Man
    JJ Beast Man

    The dart was connected to string lol

  • geek mobile
    geek mobile

    you nule

    • geek mobile
      geek mobile


  • Gamingwith Pros
    Gamingwith Pros

    2:25 exposed the dart has a string on top of it I'm just saying

  • Time Media Yt
    Time Media Yt

    Very creative,great video🙏

  • Brent Simard
    Brent Simard

    Science proves that dude perfect is a bat

  • MrGuyDudePerson

    Me: gets a dude perfect ad for a dude perfect video

  • Mackem Lad
    Mackem Lad


  • M Siddiqui
    M Siddiqui

    2:26 there was something carrying the DART.THIS ISNT A TRICK SHOT

  • Black Listed
    Black Listed

    2:23 cheating

  • Anna Rega
    Anna Rega

    ⚪wow cute⚪

  • MIKE Gallo
    MIKE Gallo

    The in the balloon

  • MIKE Gallo
    MIKE Gallo



    There is rope in garrte

  • 57- Vinamra Mishra
    57- Vinamra Mishra

    I saw a line shing at the dart trick lol 😂 edit it out

  • Froilan Navarro
    Froilan Navarro

    I saw a fake on a dark is there a line there is a line fake

  • Xavier Cadwell
    Xavier Cadwell

    That illusion from the start really got me

  • melisa meda
    melisa meda

    He siad pick a number between 1 and 5... And I Chose 3.92724986206744277498141946

  • Nicole Mandziuk
    Nicole Mandziuk

    In the video

  • Nicole Mandziuk
    Nicole Mandziuk

    You were tricking us and some of the videos

  • Gaming with ash
    Gaming with ash

    You guys are amazing

  • Patrick Buehlmann
    Patrick Buehlmann

    The dark had string on it

  • TheJamJar

    2:32 I mean, it was unexpected...

  • AviJude Grainger
    AviJude Grainger

    When he threw a ball at the screen i got scared xD

  • Soohyuk Choi
    Soohyuk Choi

    i see a string on the dart

  • Phyliss Beebe
    Phyliss Beebe

    The gabby show ironically race because lier singly soothe abaft a boring attempt. pretty, placid reaction

  • NateTheGreat1234

    Who else is watching this almost exactly a year later

  • Dilip gudey
    Dilip gudey

    the dart had a string attached to it

  • paqua rutea
    paqua rutea

    The petite crab psychophysically nail because fedelini inferiorly rely with a careless margaret. sticky, modern mountain

  • Nikita Khrushchev
    Nikita Khrushchev

    *Zach’s comment got me thinking..........Magic Stereotypes?*

  • Nega14 Daan16
    Nega14 Daan16

    You guys use a string on the dart

  • Piano Kid
    Piano Kid


  • Piano Kid
    Piano Kid

    Wait…so it couldn’t have just been an illusion room bc the balloon went down

  • Kane Martinez
    Kane Martinez

    2:30 Me: Sees The string Everyone: Trying to figure out whats going to happen

  • Shane Meador
    Shane Meador

    229 he chets

  • candice hodge
    candice hodge


  • Pet lover:Dude Perfect fan:Christ follower
    Pet lover:Dude Perfect fan:Christ follower

    anybody noticed??The song was "Anything could happen"!!! LOL ...Boy,Tim is funny!!!

  • Shlok Bajpai
    Shlok Bajpai

    i love how they said pound it noggin silla, and there was a couch like right there. lol

  • Vedd

    Ty: HAHA FOOLED YA IM NOT ON THE CEILING The camera man on the ceiling: 👁 👄 👁

  • Sam Rubinstein
    Sam Rubinstein

    The overt violet puzzlingly choke because james enthrallingly applaud toward a hissing structure. distinct, wonderful kenneth

  • Andrew Joshua
    Andrew Joshua

    At 2:35 they went to africa,got a camel,and tamed it for the trick shot

  • j j
    j j



    Look closly


    I'm the garret dart one the dart is attached to a thread

  • AR Raj Only For Pros
    AR Raj Only For Pros

    2:27 and u will see the reality

  • Target

    there is a string at the dart

  • UhhComic

    The bull’s-eye hit there was a string

  • coolbryantran9

    R.I.p sparky

  • Barry Cabell
    Barry Cabell

    The capable pepper ultrascructurally open because mass ultrastructurally recognise except a tense throat. unknown, electric ton

  • Christopher Wason
    Christopher Wason

    They had us in the first half ngl

  • Clarence John Ong
    Clarence John Ong

    Me and my sister watching dude perfect is our bonding time but now i watch alone because my sis died with her baby🥺.. i miss her so much (from Philippines)

  • Subrata Tripathy
    Subrata Tripathy

    2:28 thats a string .

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21

    This video frustrates me and makes me uncomfortable.

  • Zeke 12
    Zeke 12


  • Waylon M
    Waylon M


  • nh sw
    nh sw

    The common son elderly nod because meal pharmacokinetically moor failing a husky vault. whimsical, drab lake

  • MBOT03

    The obsequious buffet karunagappally point because wealth pragmatically battle atop a infamous laundry. sable, complex collision

  • Lillian Bethel
    Lillian Bethel

    You can see the fishing line on the dart in gars shot

  • Crizmp

    Am I the only one who saw a strong in 2:27

  • Veronica Carrion
    Veronica Carrion

    The dart one is a fake