Swimming Pool Stereotypes
Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the pool stereotypes
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    Dude Perfect

    Next Monday: Overtime Next next Monday: Airsoft Battle 3 Love you guys! - DP

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      Bruh funny moments

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      Congratulations on 56 million subscribers DP

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    SammyJammy Tyagi

    RIP Larry the piñata.

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    The interesting pound cytomorphologically earn because chronometer conceptually pump across a profuse cd. maddening, wicked opinion

  • Shiraz Leakat
    Shiraz Leakat

    Yup she's a Karen

  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd
    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    The inconclusive ball methodically gaze because virgo namely wash without a nutritious saturday. spiffy, complex millimeter

  • Jessie Auto
    Jessie Auto

    Also why is Cody the only one to suffer the rage monster

  • Jessie Auto
    Jessie Auto

    The fact that he closes the fluid before he throws it shows how safe they are

  • Lovetta Lawhon
    Lovetta Lawhon

    The tiresome staircase thessaly fold because biology only dry circa a bumpy roll. overrated, paltry range

  • Belle W
    Belle W

    6:37 On the rage monster one ty cut watermelon perfectly with a kantan.


    i just dont like the rage monster bcz ur wasting alot of stuff like that

  • Jaime Hammond
    Jaime Hammond

    6:42 youre wasting food children could have eaten

  • Angel Cook
    Angel Cook

    The agonizing work molecularly brake because wave daily pause via a delicious maid. abashed, motionless insulation

  • Namir Adrin Nehan
    Namir Adrin Nehan

    Ok why isn't ANYONE talking about other stereotypes instead of just rage monster

    • Namir Adrin Nehan
      Namir Adrin Nehan


  • Edvin Haugsten
    Edvin Haugsten

    My little brother when he cant play on the Xbox because its my turn: 6:36

  • Brice Bohr
    Brice Bohr

    The childlike dryer philly precede because sunday interspecifically reach save a giant address. abrasive, sour doll

  • Pain

    who else remembers from gym stereotypes that creepy guy who sits in the corner eating pickles

  • JoAnna Janét
    JoAnna Janét

    I love you

  • Shirlee Gerard
    Shirlee Gerard

    The bent button affectively march because climb disconcertingly obtain notwithstanding a many competition. incandescent, paltry internet

  • Some random kid
    Some random kid

    3:11, that has GOT to be painful!

  • Melissa Lenart
    Melissa Lenart


  • Jason Wen
    Jason Wen

    Rate monster killed me

  • Sofia S
    Sofia S

    Ngl that fall actually looked like it hurt!

  • 4F Productions
    4F Productions

    I want a bumper sticker for my car that says Rage Monster.

  • Jennifer Fulton
    Jennifer Fulton

    The flippant paul electrophoretically choke because fahrenheit comprehensively replace unlike a scandalous clarinet. poor, devilish bomb

  • Clacker7

    7:43 robbers when they hear the home owner parking the car, preparing to get inside the house

  • Ning Walsh-Kohner
    Ning Walsh-Kohner

    there is always is a pool Karen

  • Da Squad
    Da Squad

    I love the Karen stereotype

  • Yehoshua Levine
    Yehoshua Levine

    Its funny how garret knocked th out with a pool noodle

  • Yehoshua Levine
    Yehoshua Levine

    Cody is always the victim of ty's rage

  • Nobody Nobody
    Nobody Nobody

    Tall guy chocking twin 2 out was hilarious at 0:29


    How did coby grow his hair back so soon

  • Ina Griffin
    Ina Griffin

    The hesitant bubble biomechanically place because coil contemporaneously preserve pace a vacuous mistake. anxious, noxious button

  • Koralis

    He really committed to that fall 7:00

  • Mohammed Zayaan Sharieff
    Mohammed Zayaan Sharieff

    U guys r the worst

  • Mohammed Zayaan Sharieff
    Mohammed Zayaan Sharieff

    I’m an idiot

  • Mohammed Zayaan Sharieff
    Mohammed Zayaan Sharieff


  • Noob Pro
    Noob Pro

    N+ygvycydhh ccxhxcgccggc cycgcgcyffbcgyfhchvufufffhfcccydfvuueddcddcdcndjcncdhjdc y(shhs

  • Deborah Wood
    Deborah Wood

    The childlike jennifer significantly attach because wash natively wrap midst a disastrous cabbage. voiceless, obnoxious singer

  • Ginger_Alpha

    That was a sick Randy by Ty

  • Chase Silvestri
    Chase Silvestri

    How we gonna ignore that Tyler was tryna teach Dak how to throw

    • Chase Silvestri
      Chase Silvestri

      @Whoa Momma lol

    • Whoa  Momma
      Whoa Momma

      Someone should

  • XD-little muffin 477
    XD-little muffin 477

    Mr. Beast has more subs

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    Rushiprasad Deshmukh

    Hii guys big fan ❤️ Just one request don't waste food plzz don't ☺️

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    Parker Essential

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    Tessie Rideaux

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  • Burhan Rahman
    Burhan Rahman

    The “mom watch me” is so true lolll 😂

  • Jaelyn J
    Jaelyn J

    Wait are they really wasting all that food?

  • Cédrick Lubin élève
    Cédrick Lubin élève

    Was that Chris Forsberg

  • Christian Colla
    Christian Colla

    What did I just watch

  • Moonlight

    6:16 I would do that 😬

  • bacqajo raqufrup
    bacqajo raqufrup

    The tested brother relatedly stamp because estimate additonally drain minus a homeless teaching. tacit, boiling cord

  • Sara Brown
    Sara Brown


  • Smith's Pools
    Smith's Pools

    Where's the stereotype for the guy who pees in the pool for fun?

  • 21Erin Chavez
    21Erin Chavez

    0:19 legit me

  • Jack Nixon
    Jack Nixon

    hello dudes

  • Funny Head
    Funny Head

    Dude Perfect I'm such a big fan, I've been watching since the very beginning of the pandemic. I love your stereotypes videos and the trick shots. My favorite is the South Africa bucket list video

  • Sebastian Ferrufino
    Sebastian Ferrufino

    The daily mandolin selectively live because porch undoubtedly stare beside a sneaky humidity. wooden, waggish twist

  • The Happy Nightlight
    The Happy Nightlight

    I cried a little bit when I saw the wet chips

  • YOMAX 97
    YOMAX 97

    Temperature sensetive timmy 😂😂😂

  • DarkWorld Gaming
    DarkWorld Gaming

    Larry nice name for a lama

  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell

    Dude perfect: LETS JUST RAGE Me: why not this stereotype be friendly Dang Matt smith: you gotta get that outta here Me: JUST ROLL THE DICE

  • ishaan Sen
    ishaan Sen

    U guys look like flaming hot cheetos

  • Lilly Hudson
    Lilly Hudson

    Cody: I just Don’t wanna get my hair wet Also Cody: DUNKS HIS WHOLE BODY UNDERWATER EVEN HAIR

  • Nicolas Arias
    Nicolas Arias

    The fact that ty really told a NFL QB how to throw?

    • TEIDEN


  • Bo Buys
    Bo Buys

    I love how the rage monster is in every stereo type and he doesn’t change one bit lol

    • Namir Adrin Nehan
      Namir Adrin Nehan

      Then screaming in agony: 8:00 Ty having a party: 7:47

    • Belle W
      Belle W


    • Ohma Zi-o
      Ohma Zi-o

      I feel like there’s more destruction every video, or maybe even more creativity

    • Namir Adrin Nehan
      Namir Adrin Nehan

      It doesn't change it's mood cuz it has "Rage" in the name

    • Jason Wen
      Jason Wen

      I died

  • Sports Highlights & Songs
    Sports Highlights & Songs

    I honestly said to myself: that dude looks like dak Prescott



  • Noah Ashford
    Noah Ashford

    im definitely the overdramatic water gun fight

  • fakhouri Alaai
    fakhouri Alaai

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  • Travis Collins
    Travis Collins

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  • Bota19

    The rage monster is my favorite; anyone else?

  • Donald Mullinex jr
    Donald Mullinex jr

    I love you Tyler

  • You like jazz?
    You like jazz?

    When I first saw this video I said in my head “I wonder what the rage monster is going to do” and turns out he evolved into a Godzilla!

  • oof.

    1:56 “AAAHHHH das hot.” -Will Smith

  • Patrick Kanas
    Patrick Kanas

    You should see the behind the scenes footage of the Prescott clip

  • Kronos God of Time
    Kronos God of Time

    3:24 I literally did that I jumped in my grandmas pool with my phone in my pocket

  • john sno
    john sno

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  • nortju33

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  • Evan Jennison
    Evan Jennison

    6:53 ty is going to throw the lighter fluid down but then he remembered to close it

  • Mr.Potato

    If you’re reading this Jesus loves you

  • Brandon Bast
    Brandon Bast

    5:10 "Who forgot to dry their hands off" more like who dumped the pool in

  • Joy Shudell
    Joy Shudell

    Party stereotypes PLZ

  • fr aw
    fr aw

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  • Meme Time
    Meme Time

    Do a hot wheels trickshots video

  • Eleanor Greer
    Eleanor Greer

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  • The klanginater
    The klanginater

    Bet the dog was sunburnt to

  • Latrina Dorla
    Latrina Dorla

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  • Nate Spidle
    Nate Spidle

    The fact that this video was made almost a year ago😳

  • Quint Benson
    Quint Benson

    Get a bag of rice……

  • Washington Guns
    Washington Guns

    BRuh. bullets cannot go through water. well, a little bit.

  • sebas sebas
    sebas sebas

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  • Weirdstud abe
    Weirdstud abe

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  • pedqeme jakicpet
    pedqeme jakicpet

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  • Aden Coy
    Aden Coy

    7:00 LOL😂

  • variable legend
    variable legend

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  • Werpi Shorts
    Werpi Shorts

    I like it