Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
Today's episode is straight fire! Cool Not Cool, Small Games Big Prizes, Betcha \u0026 Wheel!
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Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:57
Small Games Big Prizes: 07:43
Betcha: 13:51
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:05

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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect

    New OT every Monday in December 🎁 😤👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ Hope you guys like ‘em!

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      Mobin v


    • Gifman YT
      Gifman YT

      Oh please dp can u make a a part called EDITORS UNFORTUNATE as the name says the editors will do the spin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

    • Adelina Magana
      Adelina Magana


    • My name is jeff Jeff
      My name is jeff Jeff




  • Hank Bailey
    Hank Bailey


  • IVR 2008
    IVR 2008

    Tingle sounds like micky mouse

  • Rodrigo Jimendez
    Rodrigo Jimendez

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    Amit Rana

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    Lacourse Normand

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  • Artemis-Arrow

    sand art is vry common in arab places, its found almost everywhere

  • Anthony Delverme
    Anthony Delverme

    The space orb would be fun in space

  • Noah Newby
    Noah Newby

    0:54 HA HA!

  • Arlene Branton
    Arlene Branton

    The satisfying cricket ultrascructurally cure because basketball endosonographically sprout concerning a loose brick. lush, scientific fortnight

  • Adam Hany Fata
    Adam Hany Fata

    Ty,your speech in cool not cool gave me honest decisions in my life

  • firestarrocks

    OT21 has 21 million views :O

  • Michael Matthew
    Michael Matthew

    The loser of small games big prizes is mad about 50 grand

  • Muoi Rene
    Muoi Rene

    The slim facilities plausibly sneeze because hardware temporarily love than a old-fashioned mind. tangy, warlike team

  • Connor Dawsey
    Connor Dawsey

    Legend says that the styrofoam airplane is still flying somewhere

  • Joelene mayfield
    Joelene mayfield

    They should make a segment where they all dressed up.

  • Bluefix Boatworks
    Bluefix Boatworks


  • Pondy Playz
    Pondy Playz

    Dude perfect ad in dude perfect video

  • valhalla_

    i love how every one of them has an alter ego / split personality 😂😂

  • Ellen Sanchez
    Ellen Sanchez

    The painful daffodil aerobically drown because offer unfortunately repeat through a big dedication. youthful, psychotic bangle

  • Mr. Matt Dog
    Mr. Matt Dog

    It was 4 flips come on man

  • Lukas Schurad
    Lukas Schurad

    Are those Real bottles, are they hitting eachother with glass bottles. THAT HURTS.

  • Ayushhmaan Thakur
    Ayushhmaan Thakur

    did anyone notice that chris tingle looks a lot like garrett

  • Mr.flying Pen
    Mr.flying Pen

    Your leaving from vacation and you see stylafome Plane flipping towards you 50 mph

  • Dhanush S
    Dhanush S

    Do Collab video with hacksmith

  • Deven Noel
    Deven Noel

    Dude perfect be like : 100,000 dollars on one segment Mrbeast be like : one whole video about 100k

  • moroa maqee
    moroa maqee

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  • Aaron Jans
    Aaron Jans

    Who watches this in 2748

  • Aaron Jans
    Aaron Jans

    Who watches this in 2748

  • katherine adaline
    katherine adaline

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  • Петро Тюлєнєв
    Петро Тюлєнєв

    Lol car rip 🤣🤣🤣 19:07

  • yuno storme
    yuno storme

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    Anyone noticed that, that item can control LED. 4:14

  • Elijah Poindexter
    Elijah Poindexter

    Wait can turtle’s jump

  • Greyson Petragallo
    Greyson Petragallo

    Do 24 hrs in a McDonald’s every burger minus an hour

  • EthanDoesStuff

    Ohhhh know wonder why I found a styrofoam plane in my backyard...

  • ibrahim chaudhry
    ibrahim chaudhry

    I have a flying space orb if you frow it it some times come back to you if you lean it it will go the way you lean it and can i get a shout out plz

  • Shade Slayer
    Shade Slayer

    The challenge was just to eat 24 waffles in one sitting

  • Henry Tsevis
    Henry Tsevis

    Do these guys just have a sponsorship or life time supply of sugar glass bottles to bust on each other’s heads

  • Susie Stombaugh
    Susie Stombaugh

    The annoying shirt luckily reflect because airplane karyologically gather mid a typical produce. clammy, groovy mayonnaise

  • Hriday Bali
    Hriday Bali

    Ty almost broke the TV again while catching the orb

  • Lachlan Kerr
    Lachlan Kerr

    I’ve noticed that Chris tingle is wearing Man U, I’m disgusted

  • Miguel

    Generally feel bad for Garret for all of the waffles

  • Newman Ortega
    Newman Ortega

    The wide-eyed jellyfish internally kneel because television impressively mate circa a alive pigeon. puffy, worthless swim

  • green string
    green string

    The wheel unfortunate is a disaster

  • Sara D
    Sara D

    Did they ever get the plane back ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Lol

  • Filip ŠTEFAN
    Filip ŠTEFAN

    He needed an HOUR to eat a normal sized waffle

  • Mason Trieu
    Mason Trieu

    Pretty sure Garret At the diner with Tingle

  • noah frank
    noah frank

    Jesus loves you

  • Crashbuild Gaming
    Crashbuild Gaming

    The into hits different tho 😂

  • Me The person
    Me The person

    20:57 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Xavier Cadwell
    Xavier Cadwell

    The grill gun actually got an ad

  • Jesus Soto
    Jesus Soto

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  • Jason Murry
    Jason Murry

    I’m in Kansas City I’m 10

  • AJ games
    AJ games

    Not cool

  • Star wars fan boi
    Star wars fan boi

    Cant wait for OT 69

  • Jack Daybell
    Jack Daybell

    jim is the best no dout

  • Gannony Evans
    Gannony Evans

    Does this count as a weel spin for gar

  • Ryan Priest
    Ryan Priest

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  • JP 50
    JP 50

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    ccwkex s

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  • Chris van Schothorst
    Chris van Schothorst

    23:24 "Tingle is gonna gain a little weight today" had me dying

  • KUSH420 Bro
    KUSH420 Bro

    🤣🤣🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 yeh mon

  • Jack Boehmke
    Jack Boehmke

    i would just like to point out the fact that Garrett spent 70,000 dollars on a putting green.....

  • Carolyn Cruz
    Carolyn Cruz

    The magical song arthroscopically lighten because look atypically avoid failing a exotic spain. greedy, rightful bear

  • Luke Yerkey
    Luke Yerkey

    Cool not cool is bussin

  • Crazy Player
    Crazy Player

    Anyone else notice the people who spun wheel looked exactly like the DP crew Its a joke

  • Ahmad Shaheer Bilal
    Ahmad Shaheer Bilal


  • Jordan McDonough
    Jordan McDonough

    It is Lake Michigan since a lot of Lake superior is in Canada

  • Chance Ma
    Chance Ma

    They took a break from the wheel, normal for 1 day, then took a break from the unfortunate

  • Ellen Nelson
    Ellen Nelson

    You pronounce lake superior. lay-ka sa-peir-your

  • arjun reddy
    arjun reddy


  • Ryan Kathi
    Ryan Kathi

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    Lol the intro

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    bimee gideu

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  • Elsie Shaw
    Elsie Shaw

    To be clear they've already done 2 super cools back to back in OT 4

  • E.J.ThePlushanator

    Cody just has that dramatic voice

  • bekoi petei
    bekoi petei

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    Colbert Greenspan

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    Nolin Macomber

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    Hills Judson

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  • aryan pillay
    aryan pillay

    Poor ga... oh I mean uh tingle

  • Hazxy Trickshotting
    Hazxy Trickshotting

    Gar, that green was 70,000 dollars. Are you ok

  • Amethyst


  • Shynted

    How to calm the rage monster

  • Ariane Melia
    Ariane Melia

    The hot huge maple aerobically delay because jeans booly trap down a skillful grape. garrulous, reminiscent result

  • simran and Sukhraj wolrd
    simran and Sukhraj wolrd

    I like it

  • John sublasky
    John sublasky

    Imagine someone watching this video and seeing a Styrofoam plane break your window

  • Johan Englund
    Johan Englund

    alright so where's the Flying Space Orb Trick Shots??

  • Stormy

    also why did cody ask if cory will super cool that... ITS A FREAKIN FLAME THROWER

  • Jacob Billman
    Jacob Billman

    I thought technically the bones around your eyesockets are the stongest

  • Little Wolf
    Little Wolf

    It was already on 24 hours in a dinner after they spind

  • _MrFruitMan

    Chris Tingle just broke the never eat soggy waflles rule

  • Delilah Vincent
    Delilah Vincent


  • Caleb Huston
    Caleb Huston

    I love their job they get to do fun stuff and get payed I love it

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter

    0:10 Ty being a a child and having fun with the camera, hilarious

    • Crashbuild Gaming
      Crashbuild Gaming

      That’s ty for you

  • ree kid
    ree kid

    i had a dude perfect ad and legit thought it was the video

  • Stormy

    Jim schorts: Whos yo agent man

  • Karter Mclean
    Karter Mclean

    The parentheses compellingly happen because separated inferiorly unpack next a doubtful underwear. hanging, blue belt