Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins
Time to throw some planes off a GIANT tower!
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Performed by WAR*HALL
Courtesy of Position Music and Zync Music
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Comment: Which homemade plane was the best?!?!

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      Steve Moody

      The home made planes you said you made

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      @Hugo ะานเบดทยอ่ำบก่ดบำ

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      Yamin akaliyisto abbrempord

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    Green shirt: If anyone one should get a plane flight that far it should the the lets go guy me: dababy?

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    Abelardo Gutierrez

    (Cody trying to make a homemade plane be like)

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    Harold tonk

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    And I know the intro to your videos I’m a big fan

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    Sam Hamstra

    Hi dude perfect I think you saw my dad In the last 10 years in a catalyst conference you showed him a trick his name is Samuel when you first started if you don’t read remember it’s OK my dad he kind of doesn’t remember to but he told me

  • LouEZGaming

    Garret is go big and take risks or lose

  • Caleb Cox
    Caleb Cox

    The tower is tall

  • Caleb Carrillo
    Caleb Carrillo

    Finally freaking Tyler doesn’t win oh my gosh bro these has to be my favorite vids ty not winning I am on everyone’s else’s team not Tyler’s

  • rayyan darwisy
    rayyan darwisy

    Garrett always win every challenges and that's why i live dude perfect

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    Sandra Guntorius

    Love ❤️

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    40 Ooi yu chun

    Can I know where to buy this?

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    Xd lazar 149

    Hey guys have you realised this is the F1 track

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    Stop sit down! That what he said

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    are garret and ty having problems cause garret refused to shake his hands twice if any of you guys noticed

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    Random Person

    But if anyone thought of throwing the plane upwards so that it looped, they would have won easily somehow. I don't know how that works, but it works.

  • Hira Muqaddas
    Hira Muqaddas

    Team Garret for life

  • Man The
    Man The

    i read this title exactly as it was meant to be read but there was an extra t in wins

  • Philip Larkin
    Philip Larkin

    Guys are overreacting. SHOUTING OVER NOTHING

  • Arlene Transue
    Arlene Transue

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    DLR Gaming

    I’ve been up where you guys are with my family because I live in Lago vista/jones town TX witch is basically Austin I moved away from center of Austin 8 months ago

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  • LochNLoaded

    They should’ve put the plane in flip mode

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    t w

    Camera drone did an awesome job