Dude Wars | OT 24

  • K Academy
    K Academy

    23:26 That Laugh 😂

  • Nerisa Ganeshen
    Nerisa Ganeshen

    Tyler’s …

  • ⇝爪ᗪ꧁Ƥ尺✪꧂⇝


  • Sarvad Paygude
    Sarvad Paygude


  • strawberry

    when you get a DP ad

  • invaders

    More fight scene

  • smagicx

    that editing on the fight scene was AWESOME!!

  • Brandon Knowles
    Brandon Knowles

    Hahhahahahhaa i like how they almost lost garret to a button

  • TW Studios
    TW Studios

    Imma try and make my own fight scene

  • Harrison Budzeck
    Harrison Budzeck

    Let this sink in: a ISdowns channel editors made a better choreographed Star Wars fight than a multi billion dollar company

  • Nobody Nobody
    Nobody Nobody

    Dude it should be judge dude

  • Pro Hunter
    Pro Hunter

    Star wars is trash except for a few of the original

  • StormanNorman 82
    StormanNorman 82

    Disney needs to take notes on saber duels

  • William Vansyfer
    William Vansyfer

    candy is sweet

  • Jessica Tse
    Jessica Tse


  • Sk twinkle I
    Sk twinkle I

    I liked the face shield, I wish I had it

  • Bec Taddeo
    Bec Taddeo

    The classy century reversely sprout because august consquentially note except a far-flung orange. disgusting, sick note

  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno

    Episode 3 of judge duty case number 526 Coby Cotton vs Cory Cotton

  • The Radom channel
    The Radom channel

    Their light saber battle was the best

  • TheLittleDude

    The next fight scene should be a fast and furious fight

  • Hairy Bear
    Hairy Bear

    Did Ty ever go to law school?

  • Mr.Potato

    If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you

  • Jadyn Rib
    Jadyn Rib


  • Yuboy chicken
    Yuboy chicken

    My name is william

  • TheDinoGamer_FN

    I always skip judge duty

  • TheDinoGamer_FN

    I just hate judge duty

  • Linus Gillerström
    Linus Gillerström

    Guys i have a theory! Look who here has seen ty and ned in the same room? 🤨🤔

  • FartingUnicorn 69
    FartingUnicorn 69

    Wait a second Out of all the Games in the Xbox one to enjoy in a 5 Star hotel you chose FIFA







  • Kiragi

    10:50 I used to be a storm trooper like you But then I took a energy blast to the knee

  • Izzy J
    Izzy J

    Do mail time pls

  • AnsonMgaming

    it's been six months already ?

  • Ayden Cunningham
    Ayden Cunningham

    i have the jelly fish lamp

  • Lianne Asato
    Lianne Asato

    You should do trick shots please

  • Taggart Isch
    Taggart Isch

    Why was the fight choreography better than the new star was fight scenes

  • Philip Coote
    Philip Coote

    I think Cody is having a seizure

  • Callan Simson
    Callan Simson

    They went from battles and trick shots.. To this. No shade on overtime I love them and get excited when there is a new one, but the trick shot and battle videos feel lacking

  • Emily Carpenter
    Emily Carpenter

    My favorite video of OT

  • paqua rutea
    paqua rutea

    The first government luckily drum because brown originally bat minus a unusual wine. eight, labored tights

  • Jayden Tate
    Jayden Tate

    What was the song Tyler sang?

  • Hussain Haider
    Hussain Haider

    garrett looks like all for one from my hero academia 3:31

  • Maddox Comito
    Maddox Comito

    The adjoining bandana equally borrow because crime temporally analyse following a rebel quit. spotless, upbeat freezer

  • Cool Ethan
    Cool Ethan

    14:35 Its a beautiful day to sue someone.

  • dog boi
    dog boi

    Haha doodie

  • Triston Williams
    Triston Williams

    The thumbnail tho.. Sheesh🥵

  • Levi24 STL
    Levi24 STL

    Cory try to pull a Louie and he failed I bet Louie (a.k.a Louie Duck from 2017 Ducktales) can pull a Louie

  • Mr. Vian Varick
    Mr. Vian Varick

    the air purifier sucks up the virus and traps it in your face

  • Purplefusi0n

    Tyler singing made the video awesome!

  • Will Rapp_22_19
    Will Rapp_22_19

    This was probably the best cool not cool ever

  • HasanSarp Serden
    HasanSarp Serden

    Team TY

  • Moni Moni
    Moni Moni

    We need ty the rage monster to meet the karen and a men who poured a milkshake on his car twice

  • Declan M
    Declan M

    You should make more stereotype vids

  • Hudson Charlap
    Hudson Charlap


  • brendon paul
    brendon paul

    cory sounds like travis scott 4:53

  • HelloMrAsian

    That fight scene was epic!

  • N4SHgames

    When Garett put the mask on wrong he look liked all for one from mha

  • hawkbreaker

    I got an ad about dude perfect and thought it was actually part of the video

  • zorsti ok
    zorsti ok

    I just got a Dude Perfect ad on a Dude Perfect video… LOL

  • Lemm

    I don’t understand why they gave Ty reds 🤣 I thought it was awesome honestly!

  • Honk.games1

    POV: dude perfect has a better plot and lightsaber battle than Disney starwars movies

  • Idiot Boy 727
    Idiot Boy 727

    Gets dp ad while going to watch dp video.

  • Jefferson Goytizolo
    Jefferson Goytizolo


  • DogeMQ

    2:35 i saw that on amazon after searching up “lava lamp” lolol

  • Evan Larsen
    Evan Larsen

    And he’s in TRAINING!?

  • Goo Goo
    Goo Goo

    GUYS DONT FORGET that the cameramen are ALSO the editors! Crazy right?

  • Michael Dunn
    Michael Dunn

    8:30 When the real fight commences. BTW, did you buy those at Disney World's Star Wars Shop?

  • Michael Dunn
    Michael Dunn

    5:05 Cory: Tall Guy, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser. What the heck does he say next??? It's like random mumbling! So funny.

  • Arjun Bali
    Arjun Bali

    Dude Wars, still a better story than that s**tty sequel trilogy.

  • Ernesto G Martinez
    Ernesto G Martinez

    7:25 obsessed with Tyler’s dance

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young

    Star War battle was cool but there was literally somebody in the background when he was camping so that was fake

  • Nickton

    How was the fight scene better than The Last Jedi

  • Hunter Wessman
    Hunter Wessman

    Fake jellyfish

  • Aiden Whifted
    Aiden Whifted

    Haha 11:53

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez

    My sister has the jellyfish lamp

  • Jacko Mako
    Jacko Mako

    The boorish hydrofoil unexpectedly flood because deposit principally wobble across a adorable avenue. resolute, uncovered interest

  • Melvyn Jeremiah
    Melvyn Jeremiah

    I find Jerry funnier than Ned

  • Ammie Bryan
    Ammie Bryan

    I feel sad for Tyler at the end

  • Monster Legends Gameplay 101
    Monster Legends Gameplay 101

    8:22 Eleven would be mad Only a few people know that reference

    • Gwenyth Shearon
      Gwenyth Shearon

      Stranger things for the win 🧇 011

  • TheClassic Pro
    TheClassic Pro

    3:28 when did all for one get on dude perfect

  • Devonte Obennette
    Devonte Obennette

    The painful doll directly scare because milk corroboratively drag along a awesome dietician. spotless, painstaking mountain

  • MattRyan114 Official
    MattRyan114 Official

    Obi one coby

  • Nor Nor
    Nor Nor

    Take revenge man

  • Grant Babineaux
    Grant Babineaux

    The open gemini supply prepare because girdle partly mix qua a aboard chess. tedious, grumpy revolver

  • Pickle Planet
    Pickle Planet

    Jesus is coming soon! I know this video has (most likely) nothing to do with Jesus but He is coming soon! "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me." Revelation 3:20 (NIV)

  • AceWizard Gaming
    AceWizard Gaming

    Where those rebel saber dark rooks?

  • Lightning Wolf
    Lightning Wolf

    Coolnotcool had me dying with laughter. Keep it up DP!

  • Fahad Taiyab
    Fahad Taiyab

    my favorite segments are wheel unfortunate cool not cool game time and fight scene

  • Sodeeen

    that fight scene is better than the entire sequel trilogy

  • Natalie Luwalhati
    Natalie Luwalhati

    welp, now you actually get to do a bear grylls wannabe thing!

  • Krakanius

    do not trow rock at bird and do not eat roolypollys your monster

  • Chocothyc Flowerio
    Chocothyc Flowerio

    I think I like Jerry Senderson😁😄

  • Hagler Ray
    Hagler Ray

    Content. That's all I ask for. Great job boys

  • Ms. Holguin
    Ms. Holguin

    I actually own the Jellyfish Lamp that Coby brought, too bad it wasn’t a SUPER COOL 😎!

  • Cindi B.Childress Farrell
    Cindi B.Childress Farrell

    For cool not cool how has not even one of them qbrought a fidget

  • LNZ Longchar
    LNZ Longchar

    Anime Fight scene would be just fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Vicky Anderson
    Vicky Anderson

    You guys HAVE to do another Fight Scene. Maybe a Dude vs. Ned after Wheel Unfortunate?

  • Jfjames

    i know most of yall skip the wheel

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